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"In the beginning…” (Genesis 1:1). Three simple words introduce its readers to the expressed genius and creativity of God during the creation process. In its essence, the book of Genesis is a book of origins and beginnings - of the entire created order, but also sin, God's relationship with humanity, blessing and obedience, and conflict and disobedience.


Genesis allows us to discover God's original intent for the world and its inhabitants. Before man is formed in the flesh, God will communicate his or her purpose and functionality on the Earth. Because of the fall of man, men and women have been unable to comprehend the things of God without the Spirit. Therefore, when God releases a man or woman to the Earth, your flesh, while it will not be able to comprehend the conversation of the Spirit, a person's spirit will be led to purpose through urges, passions, gifts, talents, and drawings. The key to understanding functioning in purpose is the revelation of your personal genesis or the original conversation God had with your spirit before you became flesh.


Genesis explores God's original thought of us and escorts us to activating our purpose by rediscovering our creation, content, and conduct.

Genesis: Exploring God's Original Conversation About You (e-Book)

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