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What is a Daniel Fast?
Historically, the Daniel Fast receives much of its attention, particularly for the eating patterns Daniel submitted himself during in these two passages of Scripture (Daniel 1; Daniel 10). The first days for this fast were ten, and the second was twenty-one. This understanding yields us the understanding that the focus and primary purpose of Daniel’s time of fasting was not upon its duration or even its dietary allowances; instead, the purpose and results of Daniel’s time of fasting include:
  1. Focus on God
  2. Revelation from God
  3. Favor from God
  4. Distinction for God
Our adoption of Daniel’s time of fasting is inclusive of his purpose and intended results. The set duration of his time of fasting was selected and directed by his dedication to distinction for God. Therefore, 21 days is not the required number of days, but to capture the true spirit of Daniel’s fasting, his intention must be applied.  
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Hey, parents/guardians! Need more support? Here are some videos to help explain fasting with your younger children!
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